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Columbus Dessert Tour

    Not even an afternoon-long dessert tour of Columbus could make this sweet lover sick: My latest piece at the Ohio Tourism Division blog.

Still Edinburgh

Prepping for my annual trip home to Scotland and browsing photographs from last August’s visit. I lose a little bit of Edinburgh the longer I am gone. There is still a thin, but sturdy, thread of history that stretches back there. Edinburgh changes with every year, but some places stay the same.   The Toddle … Continue reading

Around O’ahu with a Sweet Tooth

Around O’ahu with a Sweet Tooth

Dessert is my favorite meal, as if that were not quite obvious already. O’ahu was good to me in this respect; the variety of sugary tasty goodness comes in many forms and is widely available. Here’s my recommendations for a sugar fix on O’ahu. 1. Shave Ice I talk a lot about shave ice and … Continue reading

My Travel Memories Taste Like Sugar: Chile

Food is memory. My memories of places are informed by the taste of the sweet things I ate there. Kuchen in Chile I arrived in Puerto Varas after a long journey south from my home, Valparaiso, via Puerto Montt. I had one thing on my mind: kuchen. Kuchen, a sweet tart with crispy exterior, arrived … Continue reading

Food Talk: Ala Moana Center

I’ve never been much of a mall enthusiast, and would hesitate to recommend that Honolulu tourists spend precious vacation time in a shopping center, but there’s something about Ala Moana Center. It’s at the end of the bus line, so that’s how I usually get there, but it is also directly behind beautiful and peaceful … Continue reading

Matsumoto’s on the North Shore

Only the very early or the very lucky arrive acquire a Matsumoto’s shave ice without standing in a line that stretches out the door, bumping into tourists snapping pictures of the store’s yellow sign. Debate rages as to who has the best shave ice on O’ahu, or even here on the North Shore, but Matsumoto’s … Continue reading