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2012: A Year in Nonviolent Dissent

“It gets into your system … the force and power of nonviolence.” The above quotation is taken from a Guernica essay by Eamon Kircher Allen that was published in April this year. In… Continue reading

Condom Couture

Condom Couture is a Project Runway-style annual event where local students create dresses entirely out of condoms, modeled by people from the community. The show was inspired by a 2008 study by Centers… Continue reading

Good Food in Columbus: Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese

My memories of Japan travel across all the senses, sometimes pausing on just one. Taste. Cool soba on a hot summer day; oden in the winter; fresh sushi from a tiny shop in… Continue reading

Celebrate Local/International

Celebrate Local pop-up store at Easton. Photo by Karen Dion “Local” is huge here in Ohio. We’ve got the farmers’ market CSAs; the microbreweries; microdistilleries; the micro coffee roasters, food trucks and great… Continue reading

Columbus Dessert Tour

    Not even an afternoon-long dessert tour of Columbus could make this sweet lover sick: My latest piece at the Ohio Tourism Division blog.