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Sunday Nostalgia: Pink! at Warehouse, Tokyo 2007

A late night in Azabu Juban.

A Long Trip

I always take note of August 23rd. It was on that day in 1998 — so long ago now — that I set out alone to travel for the first time. I took… Continue reading

Just Blend In

It was early when I set out for the Japanese island of Naoshima. So, when I boarded the morning ferry from the port town of Uno, I did not notice the sun, comparatively… Continue reading

The Art Islands of the Inland Sea

Note: Around twenty years ago the small fishing islands of the Japanese Inland Sea, who were faced with an aging population, declining birthrate and disappearing industry, caught the attention of the art-loving billionaire… Continue reading

Pictures from the Inland Sea

The Heartbeat Archives

Les Archives du Coeur is a collection of recorded heartbeats housed in a small building on the island of Teshima in Japan’s Inland Sea, a ten minute walk from Karato Port. A walk… Continue reading

Where Are We Now?

I have been walking through Tokyo to the rhythm of David Bowie’s Where Are We Now. My walks, like the song, are a steady rereading of place names remembered, retreaded; names that are… Continue reading

A Visit to Enoshima

Despite all the time I have spent in Tokyo, I have not taken that many day trips out of the city. I have been to Kamakura a couple of times, for example, and… Continue reading

What Roppongi is Like Now, or “Death of a Red Light District”

The house I always stay at here in Tokyo is a five minute walk to Roppongi’s main drag and the favoured lodging for the women who come to Tokyo to make their money… Continue reading

The Streets of Tokyo

I could lose myself just wandering through Tokyo’s streets: from the back alleys bursting with tiny bars and restaurants; below the noisy underpasses, and along the wide tree-lined boulevards. When I lived in… Continue reading