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On Board the MS Baltic Princess. Tallinn – Helsinki

While I was in Tallinn the advertising campaign for the national shipping company featured a disturbing clown dressed in a red fitted jump suit and a slogan that read Sirkusen Taikaa, which translates… Continue reading

Kihnu: Not a Travel Guide

I got everything wrong about my visit to Kihnu. It was the wrong time. Early September, beyond the strict parameters of what is accepted as “season” in the Baltic countries. I had already… Continue reading

The Doors and Windows of Tallinn


When I made my first greeting this morning it took a moment to arrive at the word. Tere. Hello. Tere. It is a gentle sound, a soft way of entering into someone‚Äôs awareness.… Continue reading

Chocolaterie Pierre, Tallinn

In Estonia I am eating the most chocolate since, I think, those few days in Bariloche, Argentina. Velvet sofas, red silk tablecloths, thick coffee and rich, dark chocolate: Chocolaterie Pierre has been the… Continue reading