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When I made my first greeting this morning it took a moment to arrive at the word. Tere. Hello. Tere. It is a gentle sound, a soft way of entering into someone’s awareness. It is a word as warm and gentle as I had found the Estonian people themselves.  


The only thing that comes as close to good as calling London my home is returning to London and slipping back in as if I’d never been away. I arrived back last week, sat in my beloved Patisserie Valerie on Soho’s Old Compton Street and began listing what it is about London, why this place … Continue reading

Soho Nights

I have to confess to being absent for too long when I find out, a year late, that an old friend has written and published a book about the place where we met. Bernie disappeared from my life years ago and re-entered it last night while doing a curious search for an old workplace, The … Continue reading