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Al-Azhar Park, Cairo

I have recently started working as an editor at Shermans Travel and when I was assigned an article on serene parks in chaotic cities, my mind went back to the last year and… Continue reading

2012: A Year in Nonviolent Dissent

“It gets into your system … the force and power of nonviolence.” The above quotation is taken from a Guernica essay by Eamon Kircher Allen that was published in April this year. In… Continue reading

Upwards Down the Nile

The Nile flows northward and so when you travel down the Nile, you are in fact going North. This is why the south of Egypt is called “Upper Egypt,” and is one of… Continue reading

In Photos: A Trip through Egypt’s Western Desert

Our trip begins in Cairo on a Sunday, which for most of the Islamic world (including Egypt) is the equivalent of the Western world’s Monday: start of the work week. We are woken… Continue reading

An Artist with a Dream

“Everything is becoming really hard.” Badr Abd El Moghny is apologizing for raising the modest entry fee to his mud and sandstone, fairytale-like home and art gallery. Since the revolution and in the… Continue reading

Ballooning Over Thebes

Photo essay published at Matador Network. It is just after 5 a.m. and our tour group is being herded onto a boat for the second morning in a row. We had made the… Continue reading

Egypt by Police Escort

Here was something I was completely unprepared for: the police escort. It was bad enough, in my mind, that I was confined to a tour group itinerary, a tour guide and the company… Continue reading

Egypt-sick; maybe just travel-sick

They say that the time it takes to get over a relationship is two times the length of the relationship itself. How long, then, to come to terms with the end of travel? … Continue reading

Badass Egyptian Women: Samira Ibrahim

Back with this and starting with a woman I should have written about long before. After Samira Ibrahim, along with six other women, was subjected to a so-called “virginity test” last March, having… Continue reading

Kom Ombo Temple

(Note: My trip to Egypt was sponsored by a partnership between Adventure Center and MatadorU.) The temple at Kom Ombo is unusual in that it has a double dedication — to both Haroeris… Continue reading