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Al-Azhar Park, Cairo

I have recently started working as an editor at Shermans Travel and when I was assigned an article on serene parks in chaotic cities, my mind went back to the last year and… Continue reading

2012: A Year in Nonviolent Dissent

“It gets into your system … the force and power of nonviolence.” The above quotation is taken from a Guernica essay by Eamon Kircher Allen that was published in April this year. In… Continue reading

Egypt-sick; maybe just travel-sick

They say that the time it takes to get over a relationship is two times the length of the relationship itself. How long, then, to come to terms with the end of travel? … Continue reading

Night Train to Cairo

It is 12 hours into our journey and one of the carriage windows has just shattered. Broken glass falls across two rows of seats like hailstones. Passengers dart to safety and take stock… Continue reading

First: Cairo

(Writing this while exhausted, sleepy and on a slow connection. It will be brief.) Day Two of my MatadorU/Adventure Center trip to Egypt. I’m still wearing the clothes I was wearing when I… Continue reading