Posted in June 2009

Nimis in Ladonia

Ladonia is a micronation within a Swedish nature reserve, founded by the artist Lars Vilks to house his two sculptures–Nimis and Arx–that had been declared illegal by the local council. To get there, you have to travel to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve, close to the seaside town of Mölle. We got out of the car … Continue reading


In the afternoon Niv took us to his kibbutz, where he and Orly grew up and his parents still live. I guess Orly hadn’t been there for years because when she saw a teenage boy jumping in and out of the pool, she called to him uncertainly and was amazed that this was the same … Continue reading


The rain finally cleared and my cold finally gave me a bit of a break, so we got out and into Stockholm and the sun brightened it all up for us.  The city which looked so menacing yesterday under heavy, dark clouds seemed so lighthearted and fun today. We took one of those “hop-on, hop-off” … Continue reading

Fever Ray in Stockholm

It rained from before we arrived until after we left. It did not stop raining. I got a cold. The rain made my cold worse. I was miserable. We lined up by the stage to wait and our feet sank into the mud as the announcer told us she was not coming on for another … Continue reading

“Free Today With Your Super Soaraway Sun!”

Here’s something you don’t see so much in America–freebies with your newspapers and magazines. Within an hour of landing in Britain, I’d got myself a new shopping bag, Benefit mascara, and make-up case–all included free with glossy magazines I only bothered to flip through. Evidently The Sun had gone all out on the day I … Continue reading

And Chile Too

I had a love/hate relationship with my year in Chile; not with the country, but with my year there. I lived in Valparaiso, a city at the cusp of something great. I helped to paint my roomate’s new venture, a small cafe. Nothing special just a hangout with too many ideas: is it a cafe, … Continue reading

I Remember Buenos Aires

In another life, had this life taken a different route, I am pretty sure I would have ended up living in Buenos Aires. I was living in Chile when I used to find excuses to board a bus across the border, all the way to BA. I fell in love with the city the first … Continue reading

The Burlesque Hall of Fame 2009

When you get a call at 5am from the hotel lobby requesting that you collect your drunk friend because she is causing trouble, you know it’s time to get out of Vegas. Only the Burlesque Hall of Fame can keep me in Vegas for four nights, and it was worth it. Hard to choose the … Continue reading